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For Maximum Security and Life-Cycle Performance buy the MegaStrong™
Proudly made in the Heart-of-Dixie USA.

  • Full Perimeter 14-gauge Channels with extra-long legs not only welded to Door Skins with Resistance Bridge Welder but also Seam-welded with Mig-gun
  • True 7-gauge Hinge Reinforcements not only Projection-welded but also Mig-welded by-hand to the Perimeter 14-gauge Channel
  • Hardy 18-gauge (not 22-gauge) Vertical Hat-section Stiffener Spot-welded and Epoxy-glued to Door Skins with all voids Insulated
  • Dense Polystyrene and Rockwool Insulation for superior R-value and U-factor
  • Welded Seamless edges
  • Beveled Lock edge
  • Galvannealed 16-gauge Door Skins
  • Hinge Reinforcement is Engraved by-computer with Door-number you design or is imported directly from the Door Schedule
  • Flush Top Channel and Inverted Bottom Channel with Weep holes
  • Only MegaMet’s Quality Control includes Digital images of each Door Core and also the Finished Product showing Critical Dimensions, Handing and Face Flatness, these images are stored forever
  • Door Skins are hand finished with orbital sanders
  • Superior Rust-inhibiting Primer applied with care
  • Two-year Warranty instead of One-year
  • MegaMet’s Customer Service that surpasses your greatest expectations

MegaMet is using the latest equipment and modern Lean-manufacturing methods. Choose from Solid Insulated, Single Ribbed, Multiple Ribbed or Hybrid Core Construction. Choose from 18 Gauge to 10 Gauge MegaStrong skins, as well as STC core options up to an operable STC 56. Perfect for many Military facilities, such as a SCIF.

Does your project deserve the MegaStrong™

Our Commercial or Military Grade MegaStrong™ is the perfect heavy-duty door for all size projects and with many flexible Lead-times available – you can’t go wrong with the MegaStrong !! 

MegaMet Industries, manufactures the highest quality Steel Doors to meet your standard specifications or your custom hardware preps., and hinge and lock locations. MegaMet produces Flush or Embossed Steel Doors, covering most sizes and shapes including radius work, custom patterns, offering multiple or hybrid core types, as well as Stainless Steel. Our MegaStrong’s™ “UL” Fire ratings have extensive options, including the 250 degree Temperature Rise Core.

All door types are framed with our unique 14 Gauge continuous perimeter channel, for a stronger, longer lasting Commercial or Military Grade Door.

Each of these door types comes with you choice of door skin gages and steel types: 18ga, 16ga, 14ga, 12ga or 10ga with CRS, A60, G90, or Stainless Steel # 304 or # 316.

Welded Seamless Vertical Edges with a Flush Top and Inverted Bottom Channel are all Standard.

Square or Beveled Hinge and Lock Edge choices – Beveled Lock Edge, Square Hinge Edge is our default Standard.

Wood Veneering lamination is available with nearly unlimited choices of species and stain colors, all handled in-house.

Many options are available for most of the details listed above so if you need more or less just let us know…