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SCIF and MegaSonic and MegaFreq

"SCIF" = Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility - Department of Defense term for "Secure Room"

MegaMet's ICD 705 Compliant Assemblies Equals Most Secure SCIF Package

MegaMet offers many ICD 705 certified hardware packages, all installed at our American factory, located in The-Heart-of-Dixie.

MegaSonic™ and MegaFreq™ SCIF assemblies are approved for "Sound Groups" 3 and 4. Packages include the MegaStrong™ and MegaFlex™ Split Frame with Hinges, Closer, Locking Device, EPT, Mag. Switch, Threshold, and Seal systems.

Standard Door Size options in 1/8" increments and up to 4'0 x 8'0, with Fire Ratings available of up to 3 Hours!

Hardware for our Level-swing Model 2A, up to STC 52 in 1-3/4"
or Model 2A Custom for up to STC 55 in 2-1/4" thick doors, all factory-installed includes:

• Hinges: Includes (4) heavyweight hinges with non­-removable pins.
• Electric Power Transfer device with wiring through the door.
• Heavy-duty surface mounted closer.
• 1/4” bumper threshold.
• Features our integral dual Double Bulb seals located on the top and bottom,
that has eliminated the need for mechanical door bottoms!

Hardware for our Cam-lift Model 3A, up to STC 53 in 1-3/4"
or Model 4A for up to STC 56 in 2-1/4" thick doors, all factory-installed includes:

• Hinges: Includes (3) Cam-lift hinges.
• Electric Power Transfer device with wiring through the door.
• Heavy-Duty surface mounted closer.
• 1/2” saddle threshold.
• Features our user-friendly, integral and adjustable door bottom,
that’s removable and replaceable without having to take the door down!

MegaMet’s STC Door features military-grade 14 gauge steel to meet or exceed DCID # 6/9 construction, married with Sargent and Green Leaf, LKM, Kaba Mas (such as the CDX-10), SureLock McGill or Detex locks, assures a complete ICD 705 certified assembly. MegaSonic’s™ sophisticated STC door core and assembly, achieved operable STC 45 & 50 ratings (available up to STC 56), meets or exceeds the SCIF Sound Group #s 3 & 4 requirements.

Hybrid STC - Shielded Door options include over a 100dB of RFI attenuation and EMI resistants.
Other Hybrid SCIF compliant combinations include our MegaDefend™ Ballistic Door with options of ballistic resistant's performance of up to "Level 8".
Wood Veneering laminating options are almost endless, including nearly any species, and custom colors, all handled in-house.
For oversized and hybrid doors, please allow for additional lead-times, consult factory for details.

One certified MegaSonic™ assembly option offers Type II and IV locking devices, such as Kaba’s DKX-10’s panic bar with single motion egress.
MegaMet and Kaba Mas are THE trusted choice for securing the US Governments most sensitive information. Kaba first introduced in 1992 as the only lock to meet the strict requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2740C, Kaba locks are proven to be resistant against high-voltage attacks, robot attacks, X-ray methods, magnetic, vibration and R/F.
MegaFrame™ with Kerfed stops MegaMet’s frames are made from military-grade 14 gauge steel, are factory welded, and feature a slotted stop that house a heavy-duty acoustical “C” fold gasket, for a non-interrupted perimeter seal. All Acoustic seals necessary are included, along with the required anchors, depending on wall type being used. Welded Split profile frames are also available upon request.

With the extreme duty design of MegaMet’s MegaStrong™ and MegaFrame™, coupled to the technology of Federal Specification FF-L-2740C or other GSA-approved locks, equates to the most secure SCIF room door opening on the market today!

STC Sound Control Door Assemblies are designed to limit the transmission of sound out of Secure Room, or objectionable noise from outside of the room. The two methods of rating are Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Sound Transmission Loss (STL).

MegaMet's proprietary assemblies were tested in accordance with ASTM E-90 and achieved up to STC-56, using the rating system established in ASTM E-413. An extensive variety of door, frame, and gasket combinations were tested in order to maximize choices of performance levels.

MegaMet’s STC Door Sound Control Assemblies (Models 3A and 4A), consists of the door, frame, perimeter seals, gasketing, cam-lift hinges, and threshold. Door bottom options include our exclusive integral, adjustable, and best of all, removable (without having to take door down). This door bottom is also concealed for a much more appealing look.