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The MegaBlast™ Pressure Door

1. Door Assemblies are designed to resist exterior blast pressures, minimum, SDI A250.8, physical performance Level A, Model 2, with welded edges.
2. Door Assemblies have successfully passed 1.0 “PSI” of Static Pressure Loading in accordance with ASTM E-330. This pressure was surpassed in both seating and unseating configurations, these seating pressures, have also passed the “Out-swing” requirements of, UFC 4-010-01. Large Missile Impact level “D” was met as well.
3. We are certified under positive pressure testing UL 10 C and ISO 3008, as well as, IBC 2003, NFPA 80, HMMA 861 and we meet or exceed SDI 100 manufacturing requirements such as Cycle and Twist protocols.
4. The following table shows the constructions specifications and the criteria disciplines’ for our Hollow Metal Doors and Frames tested for Hurricane Wind Loads which carry the “Approved Status” on the Florida Building Commissions” web site, hppt:// Door Assemblies described are posted in FL-9067.1.

Accepted Engineering Practice 2007, ASTM E1300- 2002, ASTM E1886- 2002, ASTM E1996- 2002, ASTM E330- 2002, TAS 201, 202, & 203-1994, ASTM A250 2002 Verified By: Wendell W. Haney, P.E. 54158

MegaBlast Downloads

08 39 53 MegaBlast™ ATFP Spec: pdf | doc

08 39 53 MegaBlast™ Industrial Spec: pdf | doc

MegaBlast™ Dynamic Loading pdf | doc

MegaBlast™ Static Loading pdf | doc

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